Automobile Campus Development

Faulkner Automobile Campus Development
Carlisle Pike, Mechanicsburg, PA

Faulkner selected Professional Design & Construction, Inc. (PDC) to develop a Facility Planning & Construction Master Plan that would reflect Faulkner’s growing Central PA automobile dealership market. The combined dealership campus sites, located within ¾ miles of each other, totaled 33.5 acres, providing an opportunity to plan and develop low maintenance, operationally efficient facilities. The two sites provide both new and renovated facilities for Subaru, Volkswagen, Dodge, Cadillac and Maserati. PDC proceeded concurrently with required project governmental land planning, as well as building design and project cost estimating to shorten the design and construction schedule. In spite of extensive rock excavation, PDC completed site development work in three months, enabling building construction to begin. Excavated rock was crushed on site and reused as building backfill material to minimize costs and expedite construction work. In order to both minimize future increasing construction costs and disruptions to dealership sales operations, electrical utilities and water and sewer lines for the entire campus were installed for anticipated future building development.