Veterinary Design

Neffsville Veterinary Clinic

Veterinary projects present a unique set of design and construction challenges. Professional Design & Construction, Inc. uses several design approaches, such as evidence-based design, to work with medical staff to create healing environments for pets and their loving owners.  The intensive care units and recovery areas are designed with the complete care and comfort of the patient in mind.  Using our design and construction experience, we find the best ways to address infection control and air quality, as well as specific functions related to outpatient and inpatient services.  Our design team focuses on the essential elements to create soothing waiting and exam rooms, treatment areas that are conducive to staff mobility and procedures, surgery suites that best support the doctors, imaging spaces to accommodate equipment with the latest advances in technology, dental suites, and administrative spaces that bring cohesion to the operation of the entire facility.  Regardless of the medical function, we employ our design-build approach to produce the best valued building solutions to serve this critical building sector.